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An Introduction to NECY Farm

I have a dream… one that I have been studying and planning for more than 7 years. To create a farm that inverses the traditional role that farm fresh food plays in the average American family.

I figure that the average family that tries to buy farm fresh or farm direct food spends 20-30% of their food budget on the farm, and 70%+ at a regular grocery store in the summer… and far less in the winter and spring…

A small family farm is a little bit like a ski area… They both make the majority of their income in 3-4 months of the year. While economies of scale do impact farm-direct prices, it's the seasonal nature that most affects the retail cost.

What if there was a farm that could supply 60%-70% of your family's groceries, including fresh meats, (pork, beefalo, goat, poultry & fish) eggs, year 'round vegetables, fruits, nuts, breads, cheeses and desserts, and selected sundries, including hand-made soaps, shampoos, etc. What if you could conveniently order the food online with an app, and the farm offered 40 preassembled meals, portion controlled to the exact size of your family, ready to pop into an oven in the evening or a slow cooker in the morning? What if that farm produced everything with 100% renewable energy, and delivered it all right to your door in an electrically powered truck? And what if the farm was family friendly, with a significant playground for the kids, picnic pavilions, a fish pond, a 30 species petting zoo, demonstration gardens, a demonstration family orchard, a hummingbird & butterfly garden, various lawn games, and offered bee keeping, gardening, baking and cooking classes? What if the farm had an extensive flower cutting garden, including roses? And what if it encouraged and supported a community of like-minded folks who enjoy the outdoors, the tranquility of a farm environment, the laughter of children and the stretching of young minds that will be shaping a future very different than the life their grandparents lived?

Welcome to the future of NECY Farm.